Investment Fraud and Scams

Investment rarely comes without a level of risk, but that risk increases exponentially for those unaware of the tactics of predatory fraudsters. The first protection against becoming a victim of a scam is to spot the signs:

Any investment that sounds too good to be true probably is Be cautious of unsolicited phone calls, emails or letters offering one-off investment opportunities Don’t be pressured into an investment. Give yourself time to do due diligence so you can make an informed decision Get advice from a government body, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), or an independent professional financial adviser you trust Don’t be bitten twice. Avoid follow-on frauds, where scam organizers pass on the details of investors they’ve swindled to other fraudsters

The second protection is to get your money back by enforcing your rights as a creditor. We’ve recovered funds for our clients in a wide range of investment fraud and scam cases, including for those who have fallen victim to:

Unauthorised firms and individuals running investment scams such as share fraud Cloned firms Bitcoin and other digital currency scams (read more about digital currency litigation here) Land development and banking scams Wine investment scams Carbon credit scams Boiler room fraud Ponzi or pyramid schemes Identity theft Mis-sold investments, such as pensions or bonds, by a bank or other financial adviser

Owing to our experience helping clients recover funds in investment fraud cases (such as those listed above), we have considerable knowledge of the sophisticated ways investment scams target investors and are operated, as well as how professional misfeasance can cause people to lose money. This expertise means we’re ideally placed to help creditors and investors get compensation by holding fraudsters and negligent professionals to account.

Let's help you recover your funds